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Hello there! Names` Ross Curington from Denver Colorado.

You might have seen me as the Attraction Strategist in other places on the web. That's because I've been strategizing ways to build Internet and Network Marketing businesses for over ten years.

Still involved, I don’t have to worry about working mandatory hours, salary gaps or caps, nor time being a barrier between working and my family. I can set my own hours and I get paid a figure I can control as my own boss.

Shaklee Distributor Dream

All About the Health & Wellness Industry

Among spending more time with family, natural and green alternatives for our healthier lifestyles became increasingly important to me.

Long story short, my focus as an entrepreneur has landed me in the Health and Wellness Industry.

Living Healthier Working Smarter

My latest project involves me becoming an active Network Marketing Distributor with the #1 Natural nutrition company in the United States.

With this supplier and system (you have yet to hear about) my vision is set on inspiring families to find their 'Dream Spots' in life while living healthier and working smarter. Moreover, every company I join or network I partner with must be about pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

As an Internet and Network Marketer, my calendar is my boss and my commitments become the hours I spend working. I can arrange my priorities to best fit my lifestyle as a busy parent. This way I can consistently spend time with my family all the time..

I'd love to help you learn how to do the same thing. If you're at all interested, check out what working with me looks like here.  You can also visit my blog to learn how to live inspired while pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

This is Critical!

Before I go any further I believe it's critical that you understand the importance of knowing the person you may associate with online, buy products from, or even partner with to help you build an income from home. When it comes to someone looking for genuine information I'd have to agree with you if you prefered someone with experience, knowledge, and skill that you can trust.

If you didn't come here already believing that I've earned your service than I'm asking you right now to simply contact me here telling me how I can! In short, I hope to be more than just another name on your list or in your email. 

Getting Information From a Reliable Source

reliable sources

If you think about, with an incredible amount of information out there people get lost in all of it. To the point to where they buy products that take up space on their hard drive. They just simply get distracted and never had enough time to get to it.

Not only that, but many people even leave a business because they were using information that either wasn't reliable, not useful, or more importantly wasn't value they could duplicate.

So besides just being another name on your email list giving you information, you'll be confident to know it's information from a reliable source. If you didn't come here already believing that then I'm asking you right now to simply contact me here telling me how I can!

About Me


I'm a positive, motivated father of two beautiful children. I'm also a husband to my one, only, and ever been. My family gives me another reason to wake up every morning and thank God for yet another blessing in my life.  

Whether I'm working on my business or not, I'm like a big kid at heart. I work hard, but I play harder. I love all kinds of music. I enjoy the outdoors. I love my Denver Broncos. I like to roller skate with my daughter and right now enjoy playing peek-a-boo with my son.

During the week, when I'm not marketing online, I'm outside hanging out with inner-city kiddos. On a mentoring basis, I'm teaching and changing lives, because I've been called to do so.

On the weekends you can catch me working in my yard, catching up on my favorite shows, or going out for a drink or two with a smaller, but closer group of friends.

I’m able to do many of those things because I make money on a residual basis, meaning income that continues to come in after an initial effort (also known as passive or recurring income). And all I'm doing is helping a team of motivated individuals live financially free, while living healthier lives every day… Most of which starts right here.

A Few Marketing Highlights

I've worked with top 6 and 7 figure earners along with one of the top recruiters in over a 2 billion dollar (in sales) company. I've worked with teams actively pursuing the #1 leadership development community among entrepreneurs worldwide. I've generated hundreds of dollars in sales in health, weight loss and the travel industries.

Through my marketing experiences, I’ve been able to gather tons of information about what not only makes working from home as a parent successful, but what can kill your chances at success.

If you'd like to learn more about my marketing experiences or what working with me would look like then click the button below or visit the 'work with me' tab. 

Doing Things My Way Growing Up

Too Young to Care

I believe that taking proper care of your body is easily one of the most important factors in a person’s overall happiness and an integral part of taking care of one's mental well-being. However, I wasn't always this gung-ho about living healthier.

After my life-saving experience as a young lad and moving out of the house I lost track of eating healthy. I stopped using natural products and taking vitamins. I mean, as a college student and young adult I was more focused on graduating and starting my career.

I was inspired to be a youth counselor and mentor in the lives of youth at one point in my life. I wanted to make a difference that was never made in my own life growing up. 

Wanting to Live Comfortably

However, I ended put counseling on the back burner, because I thought I'd never make enough money to live comfortably. To do the things I wanted to do.

Yes, I wanted to travel, I wanted the big boy toys (homes, cars, and gadgets), and if I stopped working to spend more time with my family I could without worrying about bills. So I declared my major in business believing that was the degree to make me the most money down the road.

Allowing God to Control My Life

It wasn't until after I met Christ and accepted Him as my Lord and Saviour did I realize how important it was to know it wasn't all about me. In fact, I know now I am nothing without Him.

It's funny, because often the Lord has proven my stubborn ways wrong by bringing things back into my life full circle. It's done in a way to knock me upside my head to get out of the driver seat and let Him Lead.

urban youth

God Had Other Plans For Me

Sure enough, the Lord realigned me with my childhood inspiration to work with youth. That was to be a role-model. To share the good news with the youth I would soon be working it. 

I went on to graduate college with a degree in Liberal arts and minor in Economics and Sociology. From there, I pursued three career opportunities all involved in youth work by the time I was 25.

By submitting to the Lord's plan instead of my own He gave me a better way.  

A better way to find those big boy toys. A house. A wife. Two Beautiful kids. A now currently a network marekting business providing the means to travel. A way to give and build into the programs like the one I am currently a manager for servicing over 6,000 students a year in Denver Colorado.

Health & Wellness for the 2nd Time

If you guessed it you are absolutely right! I was doing my thing with my latest MLM when the Lord knocked me upside my head again. He not only told me to basically start taking better care of my health, but brought health and wellness back into my life full circle.

Before I joined my current company

It's the craziest story, but while I was getting back into health and wellness I found out that the company I was joining was the same company responsible for saving my life when I was just a boy.

You see, my parents used their all-natural household cleaning products to eradicate any allergenic fumes that would nearly kill me. It was the same company, that after many years my parents told me they became Distributors.

I overlooked joining the only company to ever really mean something to me. Something that gave me passion and heart for their cause. Something that I never had working with any other MLM.

I then quit my current MLM at the time to join my parents in a company I'd love to tell you all about if you are interested in partnering with by clicking here.

Working as An Internet and Network Marketer

If I wanted to I could stop working altogether to spend time with my family. I could do that and not worry about losing all that I've gained because as an Internet and  Network Marketer you build a residual income that pays for itself over and over again once you've built enough momentum.

I now make most of my living helping positive, motivated, and yet busy parents seek a lifestyle of personal freedom. I've learned how to navigate working a full-time JOB, raising a family, and never letting the Mrs. down (at least I try not to... haha). 

There is no pride here: simply a process of gaining resources, but not without humility to serve and give graciously! Thanks be to our Lord and Saviour.

What I can do for you...

Future Business Plan

As a Distributor in the health and wellness industry, I want to teach you how to do everything I do and more to make the lifestyle you've always wanted possible.

Whether it's about using healthier products, teaching you how to earn an income from home, or simply information to better health, my team and I can be there for you.

Since the day I started working online I've been motivated and ready to share this information with you, including some of the most significant ways to achieve a sustainable business and full-time income from home working only part time.

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in learning more about you can learn more about working with me here.

Let's Stay in Touch

I love working with open-minded, coachable people, who are serious about getting ahead. Let me help you discover what I've learned about designing a better life with an online business.

I don't just mean helping you earn more money and acquiring more stuff. I'm talking about a real change. A change that can allow you to re-design your lifestyle and create a better living where you have more time, better health, more security, and more mobility.

My Facebook Information

I can assure you I'm a real person. You can stop by and friend me on Facebook. Just be sure to send me a message on there so I know it's you. You are also more than welcome to connect with me on my Fan Page.

Well, thanks again for visiting and I look forward to seeing your dream spots.

Inspiring families to find their 'Dream Spots.'


Living Healthier. Working Smarter.