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Bleach Alternative

If you were like me then you're here searching for a natural bleach alternative, because you are fed up with toxic or commercial cleaning products.

They contribute to indoor air pollution, poisonous if ingested, and can be harmful if inhaled or touched.

I thought there had to be a better way to kill bacteria a more natural way? I mean I at least wanted something that kills 99.9 percent of germs (like the rest), but without the headache.

Well, in this article you'll find a product called Shaklee Basic G. It is known as the safest disinfectant on the market that minimizes the harmful effects of commercial products like lysol and bleach.

You'll learn things like what's in it, how it compares to bleach and why you should think about using a more natural alternative.

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What is Basic G Shaklee?

So what is Shaklee Basic G? Developed and produced by The Shaklee Corporation, Basic G is a home disinfectant that kills 99.9% germs.

That means that Basic G is in fact a germicide (liquid acid disinfectant), which is the best way to kill bacteria and germs (microbes). It is best known for being a more natural bleach alternative.
Note: Basic G is not a Get Clean Product

Basic G is a Germicide

Basic G is registered with the EPA, which means it has been tested and confirmed as a germicide, that kills on contact 99.9% germs of over 40 different types, including several flu (including influenza type A), strep and animal viruses.

For the complete list of the 40 confirmed household germs (microbes) and viruses that are destroyed by Basic G click here.

Is Basic G Really A More Natural Bleach Alternative?

Bleach alternative

Honestly, the word "natural" or "green" slapped in front of products these days has become so relative that in order for one to answer the question objectively they would need to know what you mean by is it "green."

I wrote an article titled, "Define Natural" to help navigate the truth when it comes to products that claim to be all natural or green. It's important that consumers know the truth and stop being mislead about the products they bring into their home.

I will say that Basic G is a more natural bleach alternative. When diluted it's much safer. However, it is a germicide or acidic fluid, which means it kills living organisms.

Anything that can kill has to be somewhat toxic. For that nature, Shaklee Basic G and other home disinfectants should always be treated and handled with caution.

Basic G Active Ingredients

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) an inert ingredient is an active ingredient that plays a key role in pesticides, solvents, or to protect the product from sunlight and/or to maintain a longer shelf life

What About A Homemade Natural Bleach Alternative

Some of you might think it’s cheaper to just make your natural bleach alternative, but doers beware. Most web solutions point people to hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.

First of all both of these products alone are in fact a germicide, because they are liquid acid.

However, alone they are very weak when diluted starting around 1 to 15 parts water.

Moreover, when mixed together a Peracetic Acid is created that you wouldn't want anywhere near your face or skin.

Like bleach and other germicides, Shaklee gets the job done as a bleach alternative whether you need to clean those unsanitary areas in the bathroom, areas where raw meat can produced germs like listeria in your kitchen, or needing to brighten up your laundry.

Either way, the common household needs an EPA home disinfectant if they hope to find the best way to kill bacteria in their home.

Why Choose Shaklee Basic G Over Bleach

Shaklee Basic G

Clorox Bleach

Always super concentrated

Their concentrated formula

Max 3 year shelf life

Starts to break down after 2 &1/2 years

Max 1 year shelf life

Starts to break down after 6 months

1 Tbsp per gallon of water

2 Tbsp per gallon of water

$20 dollars for one 32oz bottle

$3.50 for one 64oz jug

Fills a 16oz spray bottle 512 times

Fills a 16oz spray bottle 512 times

Once mixed it lasts 30 days

Once mixed it lasts 1 day

Kills germs up to 72 hours

Kills germs up to 24 hours

The reason Basic G can out perform their leading competitor as a more natural bleach alternative has to do with it's molecular structure. It doesn't supply oxygen, which means better ways to kill bacteria because they can't breathe. This not only makes the product safer, but also more effective.

This is the the same reason why Basic G, when mixed with water (See our guide below) can be used as a deodorizer without airborne toxicities or a remedy to cure athlete’s foot.

Don't Know How to Use Shaklee Basic G?

How to Use Basic G

If you just want the most common method of use just add ½ to ¾ of a teaspoon to a 16-oz. bottle of water directly and your disinfectant is ready to be used.

Shaklee representatives say that Basic G is most effective when washing down counter tops, bathroom wash areas, diaper pails, and other hard, non-porous surfaces that your hands come in contact with. Pretty much any area that needs disinfecting you can count on Basic G to get the job done.

For the tough, nasty germs and viruses or the difficult cleaning jobs the solution ratio can simply be adjusted in strength. ie. dog/pet kennels, sick rooms or nurseries.

Download Basic G's Most Common Uses 

For just a social share download our free guide with uses to clean all over your house. Especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Before you access the guide just remember that mixing with water is necessary before use and you should always follow label instructions, paying special attention to the dilution rates, precautions, and contact time.

Final Thoughts

Using a germicide is a must with needing to find the best way to kill bacteria. At least 99.9 of germs have to be killed and there is no better way than using a more natural bleach alternative like Shaklee Basic G.

Follow the button for purchasing information on this excellent home disinfectant.

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