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How to increase memory power is a critical question when it comes to your brain health. In fact, losing one's ability to concentrate has become a growing fear among most Americans today.

In this article I talk about the facts of getting older and how memory power starts with what you already know.

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Finally, I reveal the steps you can take starting right now to increase memory power and to increase your concentration.

Plus, take my free in-depth guide of 7 ways you can learn how to improve memory, focus, and mental related decline.

The Inevitability of Getting Older

According to The Shaklee Corporation, the leading company in natural nutrition, states that brain nutrition has increased 8% of US sales from last year. This created about 700 million dollars in category sales. It is also one of the main reasons growth in nutrition has become so prevalent.

The reason why there has been a spike in sales have to do with a number of reason. Perhaps the baby boomers have reached a concerning point in their mental health that has them asking the question "how to increase memory power."

how to increase memory power

Or maybe it has something to do with scientific advancement (featured research) that says maybe people don't have to lose memory-making skills and cognitive abilities as they age.  

As consistent from the age of just 20 and older we often find ourselves misplacing our keys or forgetting what we were just about to do.

I mean, how many times have you made a comment in regards to your memory such as, “I’m losing my mind." Or "what was I about to say." One of my favorite lines is, “what movie did that guy play in again.”

How to Increase Memory Power Starts with Awareness

It’s important for you to realize how often you feel like your mind can’t keep up with all the information you surround it with on a daily bases. This way you can start making a plan to do something about it.

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The next time you find yourself asking those mindless questions take a moment of measurement by journaling the frequency and what it was you couldn’t remember. This way you’ll have a better idea of just how much you may be suffering from memory fatigue.

Ultimately, with the help of your physician you’ll know more of what you can do on how to increase memory power and concentration. If your conditions are more serious – if memory loss or concentration affect your ability to manage day-to-day then you need to consult your doctor right away.

It’s imperative that you at least get your memory checked along with a simple cognitive skills test. Your treatment will depend, but at least you’ll gain a better insight on what’s affecting you (if anything) and how bad.

Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Concentration

Problems with your memory or concentration can impact almost every part of your life. The good news is when it comes to learning how to increase concentration and have better memory power you only need to take better care of yourself. The better you can take care of yourself the better your memory will most likely be.

Thankfully there's simple steps you can take today to learn how to increase memory power and improve your over-all cognitive performance.

Below, I’ve listed…

The Top 7 Ways to Improve, Focus, Memory, and Improve Mental Decline

1. Get enough exercise

  • Even walking just 30 minutes a day can make a big difference

2. Eat smart

  • Look for food leafy greens, and vegetables with lots of colors
  • Also look for whole grains, legumes and lentils, and lots of blue berries
  • Reduce sugar and processed oils
  • Increase B vitamins, Omega 3, Co Q10, Lecithin, Vitamin E

3. Improve blood flow

  • Exercise
  • Manage Stress
  • Supplement with chardonnay grape seed extract

4. Use products with guarana extract 

  • Find products that don't focus on the caffeine

5. Brain Training

  • Take up new hobbies and learn new things
  • Try brain programs, like CogniFit

6. Socializing

  • Maintain connections with other people
  • Travel, join and help others
  • Get on social networking sites

7. Stress

  • Don't sweat the small stuff
  • Take a walk in the park
  • Do things you love

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