Everything you need to know about Shaklee Basic H

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  • Cory Laverdure says:

    Just began working for a Dog Kennel, and they have a large pen that for the most part is very clean, but has heavy staining around the edges that have obviously havent been properly done in quite some time and I cant get them up with s scrub brush and pressure washer. seem to remember Basic H being a very effective cleaner back in the 90s and was wondering if Basic H or H2 would be a good choice? keep in mind I’m basically working with textured linoleum floor and plastic play play staitions that should’ve been “deep cleaned” well over a year ago. help

  • skip_2115 says:

    Hey Ross. We are a Shaklee couple in Georgia. Just want to let you know how great your site is! Skip and Georgia Peters

  • Hi Cindy, I know many people who do this and I have read many testimonials about people doing this. I wash my organic fruit with a drop of dishwashing liquid. Anyway, remember it is a “non-toxic” and chemical free. …BUT like everything, in moderation and proper use is key! Please know shaklee doesn’t officially endorse this nor a million other uses that have worked efficiently and safely. For legal reasons they can’t. Anyway, I don’t normally use no more than an 1/8 tsp. of basic h in about a pint of water for this. That or a spray or two from already diluted mixture. Don’t let it sit diluted for too long though. A couple minutes with vigorous movement should do just fine

  • Hi Nona. I’m not sure how much to use. Although I will tell you Shaklee products are super concentrated. So for small maintenance or cleaning concoctions for what most say adding in a TBSP (things like canola oil, baking soda, vinegar, ect.) the equivalent of Shaklee’s Basic or Dish washing liquid would be 3 tablespoons.

  • How did that youtube video turn out?

  • Nona Smith says:

    Years ago I read where Basic H stopped peach leaf curl, does any one know how much to use

  • Cindy Glonek says:

    Is Basic H safe to use diluted in water to wash strawberries before making freezer jam?

  • I’m glad it was useful! Yeah I love this stuff! Hope your video making is going well! Let me know how I can help. =)

  • Christina Winrod says:

    This article is really useful! I am trying to post a YouTube vid for the Shaklee basic H- And Its nice being able to read a few things that I didn’t know about it. 48 gallons? Holy wow!

  • Most people won’t because most people don’t know about
    Shaklee. But if I asked them if they could save $7-$14 on a gallon of cleaning
    product what do you think most people would say?

  • Francesca Devine says:

    Do you honestly think most people will by this over a generic all purpose cleaner?

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