Shaklee Reviews

Shaklee Reviews

It's tough finding a sound review on a company online. However, if you're looking for some quality Shaklee reviews then I'm confident you will find one here.

In this article I share a Shaklee review with insight that will provide a semi-thorough review on a company known as The Shaklee Corporation.

Shaklee is a company nationally acclaimed in the U.S. to be the #1 natural nutrition company in safe and effective products.

The focus here will be more so on the company's performance history rather than on their business opportunity or product details. That information will be found on another article.

A Family Testament of Shaklee Reviews

Family giving shaklee reviews

Please be aware, I don't consider this a "third party" review. More so a family party (you can call us) that originally hoped to uncover a Shaklee scam or find shaklee complaints when we first got started.

However, if you came here hoping to uncover something similar you will have to look else where. I'm proud to say that for over 30 years my family and I have yet to find one.

While still just a boy my family was skeptical about Shaklee's claims despite what they heard from over-hyped in home presentations. They knew very little about the company at the time. So, they decided to do some in-depth Shaklee reviews seeking to expose the cold hard facts.

Shaklee Leadership

dr shaklee

We start with the Shaklee Corporation Headquarters. Currently located in Pleasanton California has been in business since 1956 when it’s founder Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee went into the health and wellness business.

He created one of the first multivitamin supplements in the world back in 1915. He now contributes to a 100+ year legacy of product innovation. It's these products that were a part of the first distribution centers to build out the network marketing industry over 60 years ago.

Shaklee Corporation CEO

Roger Barnett

Roger Barnett is now the current Chairman and CEO and has been since 2004. Before 2004 Roger was researching where he and his family could make their next fortune with the set of skills he had acquired from his previous experiences.

When he discovered the network marketing industry he was surprised to learn that it was experiencing phenomenal growth worldwide and was one of the fastest growing industries he had investigated.

Roger then spent five years and almost $20 million dollars leading up to 2004 researching over 75 different network marketing companies. His focus? Health and income. When he looked at Shaklee I guess he was amazed at what he found.

Shaklee Corporation Company Reviews

Best Known For...

Shaklee reviews

...Being the first in the world to be certified Climate Neutral.™

This means they are able to offset their carbon emissions resulting in a net zero impact on the environment.

In other words they have found ways to balance a measured amount of carbon release (energy production and industrial processes) with an equal amount of ways to reduce it.

This in of itself gave way to the company winning multiple awards. One award in particular is for sustainable business practices and in "green design" for their world headquarters.

Shaklee Causes

They contribute to their community, country, and world by giving over $3 million in reaching their project goals. These goals include, but not limited to planting a million trees, funding brain research, sponsoring expeditions to measure the impact of global warming, and many others.

The Better Business Bureau

They have an A+ rating dating back to 1965. Moreover, since the history of the company they never had a single product recalled for an unsafe ingredient. That alone gives consumers the confidence that what they produce works the way they're suppose to.

Their Independent Distributors

They have more than 750,000 in numbers among the 7 countries they represent: The United States, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, and Taiwan. They have been paid over 6 billion dollars in commission earnings and over 2,000 millionaires.

Shaklee Reviews In the News

The Shaklee Corporation has not only been exciting news from well-known individuals, but a partner and supplier for companies and organizations around the world. Some of these include, but are not limited to...

  • Rachael Ray
  • Oprah, specifically on Shaklee’s Get Clean products
  • Time Magazine
  • Good Morning America
  • Natural Health
  • EPAs Climate leaders advertorial
  • 60 Gold Medalists
  • NASA (provided a customized re-hydration drink, called Astro-ade)
  • Explorer Jacques Cousteau (who studied the sea) was donated cleaning supplies
  • 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai
Shaklee reviews

What Makes Shaklee #1: Two Reasons

The Shaklee Reviews say they are the #1 natural nutritional company in the United States. 
What evidence provides such claims you ask?

First, What Does a Green Company Mean Anyway?

Since The Shaklee Corporation's primary focus has always centered around "natural" and "green" products we wanted to start with what "green" or natural even means.

This is because I have found that many companies don't accurately define a "green" or "natural" product. Long story short, I found Shaklee having specific, in-depth research backed up with objective proof. That's credible through company representatives, readings from doctors in medicine, and select consumers.

If that's not enough, their milestones, projects, awards, and testimonials should be. You can view many of them from Shaklee's Environmental Heritage records.

In summation, The Shaklee Corporation a leading company in natural nutrition based their statistical figures on claim to be #1 on these two things:

Their qualitative research and product creation...

#1 Excellent Research and Clinical Testing Performed

Shaklee Corporation Reviews

Already through a quarter of a billion dollars in research, they are able to test for purity and safety that include over 80,000 quality tests each year in order to create and maintain their products.

Shaklee reviews from the Government shows granted authority through 50+ patents to exclude others from making, using, or selling many of their products, thus maintaining the integrity of what they do. Almost like the "Apple" giant, who makes their own products and are the single point of contact.

If that doesn't top it off already, many other companies don’t publish any of their studies. The Shaklee Corporation has over 100 scientific publications. 90 of them are published in what's called peer-reviewed journals, known as the “gold standard” of scientific research in other reviews.

#2 Products are Always Green, Safe, and Work or Your Money Back

Shaklee Products

Shaklee's products are marketed under the Shaklee 180-- formally Cinch, Enfuselle, Get Clean, and Vita-Lea brands, and Shaklee among others.

They contain the "highest" quality ingredients and manufacturing standards through nutrition, weight management, supplementation, and solutions that can powerfully impact your overall health and wellness. Although, I won't go into detail here on what I mean by the "highest" quality. You can learn more about Shaklee products in another article I'll have posted here soon.

Moreover, The Shaklee Corporations's research and clinically-tested products confirms their commitment to always providing products based upon solid science and the most relevancy to our health. Equipped with an always green label on products that are safe and work or your money back.

After Our Shaklee Reviews we've Learned...

Their Company: An open book of genuine culture and performance. They believe in healthy families worldwide and contribute profits to further research and healthy causes to make our world a better place to live in.

Their Research: Their research ranks their products at the top for quality and effectiveness compared to leading nutritional companies. This is linked to Shaklee's #1 Rating in the US.

Their Products: Powerfully effective-- with an “Always” guarantee. Shaklee products go above and beyond trends. Instead they incorporate scientific evidence (patterns, causes, and effects) of need and benefit that effect health and disease conditions in defined populations.

Final Thoughts and Free Gift

After going through many different Shaklee reviews I firmly believe The Shaklee Corporation to be one of the best, if not THE best supplier in the health and wellness industry. A Shaklee Scam or Shaklee complaints from a Distributor’s perspective are slim to none.

For a quick social share I'd like to leave you with a you a gift. Reasons why this just may be the only company that makes a "real" difference through proven efficacy of supplements derived from natural sources.

About the author

Ross Curington aka Attraction Strategist

I help positive, motivated, and yet busy families seek a lifestyle of personal freedom through the health and wellness industry. As a father of two, husband, & full-time non-profit manager myself I can show you how to create an income around your schedule to live healthier while working smarter.

  • Very nice review. I have been using these products for over 20 years and they area great.

  • Theresa Vernetta Smith says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing. Theresa Vernetta Smith- 46 years in Shaklee.
    God bless

  • Mike Hamilton says:

    Concerning T’s comment, I did not see where it mentioned you did not use the products. Anyway I have. I’ve been around these products for 40 years. They do work. Because of the philosophy of Dr. Shaklee, the testing, the amount of years people stay on the products speak volumes about the product. I’ll tell you this, the vast majority of brand name organic products you find at the grocery store are junk.The label might look pretty but that’s about it. I highly recommend the Shaklee food supplements.

  • Susan Bartz Herrick says:

    Hi T; I can understand your concern as many people think that retail stores have more credibility than direct marketing companies. Nothing could be further from the truth however. Standard Process and other pharmaceutical grade products will never allow themselves to be sold by anyone but health care professionals or directly as they do not want to lumped into the stores where every grade is shelved and stored. Natural supplements cannot be stockpiled left in hot warehouses for months before they are shipped. Stores have a chain system: Production, warehouse, distribution center, delivery to store, consumer). Shaklee streamlines the system: Production, distribution center, consumer. Shorter shelf life means high potency. Also – and this is a biggie – Health food stores carry a variety of products but do not have them identified by quality. There are four different categories of Vitamin Supplements. These categories are based on the quality of the Supplement.
    The first grade is Feed or Agricultural grade which are intended for veterinary purposes. These supplements are not to be consumed by humans.
    The second grade is Cosmetic or Nutritional grade. These supplements are widely found at health food stores, drug stores and large chain stores. These supplements are often not tested for purity or absorption and many times may not have as high of concentration of the active ingredient as is labeled.
    The third category is Medical grade. These supplements are a higher grade product than the nutritional grade. An example of these supplements would be prenatal vitamins.
    The fourth grade is Pharmaceutical grade. Pharmaceutical grade supplements have the highest regulatory requirements. They are tested for purity, dissolution and absorption. This testing assures you that the products do contain the active ingredients listed and no other contaminants. The testing for dissolution and absorption assures that the supplement is going to dissolve appropriately once taken so that is can be absorbed by the body for maximum benefit. Pharmaceutical grade products are tested by an outside company for potency and possible contamination to assure that the company is maintaining high quality products. The results of this testing is available to those purchasing their products to show that they are the highest quality products.

  • Thanks for your question… As much as I would like to give you a more direct answer I cannot, because I am not a healthcare professional (e.g., Doctor or Pharmacist). However, I recommend you search the Shaklee products and find the labels/other ingredients and ask your doctor how that can interact with Lexapro. I know WebMD lists common/known drug interactions. As much as I want to say I don’t see any significant interaction with this, I am just not sure. Sorry I can’t be more helpful with this.

  • yesher00 says:

    Question- I am currently on antidepressants. Can I take the stress relief complex and the GLA complex with my antidepressants (Lexapro)?

  • Jami Josephson-Chace says:


  • Hey There… So Shaklee has excellent service in terms of their 100% guarantee… Don’t like it, doesn’t work, or not what you expected you can send it back with no time limitation for a full refund minus shipping, unless you’re in 1 of 4 states. In that case you have a full year. So I say try a product or two out. What do you have to lose? I’ve used all of their products if not all of them, so not sure what you meant there. Take care.

  • t hopps says:

    I’ve never tried any of their products but I am always suspicious of any product that isn’t on my local organic supermarket shelves. Where can i get samples of the products? Who in their right mind would endorse, sell, a product they haven’t used? The claims in their various website are too good to be true- and you know what they say about that don’t you?

  • Orian Seaples says:

    Just wanted to say this is actually one of the best reviews I’ve seen on this company. Thanks for the info

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